End of year is looming…

Time is flying at an unbelievable rate – so much to do and so little time to do it in!

Only two classes will be away on camp this week, so lessons are pretty much back to normal.

The Grade 6’s are finishing off a mind map on a specific religion.  The pupils have produced some lovely work.  They are moving on to an NS Task on Digestion.  They have to create a slide show (Impress/Power Point) to explain the stages of digestion clearly.  Pictures also have to be used.  Custom animation and slide transition must be used to enhance their presentations which will be presented to the rest of the class.  This is an assessment task.

The Grade 5’s are doing a short assessment Task for Maths on Patterns.  They have to manipulate shapes according to specific instructions to show their understanding of patterns and the vocabulary that goes with it, such as rotate, slide, flip, horizontal, vertical etc.  This will be done in Draw.

The Grade 4’s are doing a filler task, creating headings in Writer for their Science Expo posters.  This is just to mark time while the other two classes are on camp.

Looking back, these children have learnt so much and have come so far this year.  Their confidence has grown and their skills levels too.


About Karen Stadler

A teacher with 28-odd years' experience, who is passionate about ICT and all things technological! I am very interested in global classrooms, blogging, iPads and ICT integration. Always looking for new ideas, I am a lifelong learner!

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