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A peak at what happens in our IT Centre…


The value of Twitter!

I have become a firm fan of  Twitter.  Since becoming a “tweeter” I have started follwoing the most amazing people – teachers, tech fundis, Web 2.0 fanatics, ICT specialists and more.  In following these wonderful and knowledgable people, I have made the most amazing connections and “met” the most interesting personalities.  I have also picked up invaluable tips and hints as well as having collected an impressive list of recommended websites – all to do with using technology in the classroom.  I have put all these websites into an organised wiki on my school’s sharepoint site, for the teachers to use at their will.  I have truly come across some very useful sites, which will change the way learning takes place.  All thanks to the wonderful people I have connected with on Twitter!  My Personal Learning Network!  Follow me on to share my experiences.

Here is a screen shot of my wiki:

Okay, let’s try again!

I’m still really keen to get into this blogging thing and share it with the children, but I keep getting side-tracked!  I will make it my mission for 2011 to introduce the children to blogging and to other fun and exciting Web 2.o tools.

I played with a new word cloud generator the other day –

It is similar to Wordle, but much more fun because you can apply different shapes to your clouds – it lends itself to fun and exciting lessons!