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Just found this…. Long Division explained!

Long division is always an issue with kids.  Here is a good tutorial I found on Edgalaxy’s Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers:

This is a super blog to follow!


This is what it’s all about…

Look at the pictures below. What do you see? I see love – the love of a parent for a child and vice versa. These pictures are priceless and make one realise how important family is. They made the whole idea of Open Days worthwhile!

Grade 6 IT Open Day

Last, but not least, today it was the turn of the Grade 6’s to host their parents. As I mentioned to the parents, the Grade 6’s are at the stage where they might not openly admit that they are happy that their parents have taken the time to come and look at their work, but as a teacher and the parent of a Grade 6 child, I know that they ARE happy to have their parents here! Thank you moms, dads, grannies, grandpas and other guests, we really appreciate your presence!

Grade 5 IT Open Day

Today it was the turn of the Grade 5 children to host their parents/grandparents/guests in the IT Centre. Once again it was a huge success and our guests walked away making comments such as: “She can teach me a thing or two, now.” or “I learnt something from my son today!” or “Wow, I am impressed!” and “I can’t believe what our children are learning – not like in my day…”
Here are the photos…

Grade 4 IT Open Day

Today we hosted the Grade 4 parents in our lab.   They came to see what their children have been doing in IT this year and they were suitably impressed!  Standing back and looking at what the children have accomplished this year is an awesome feeling.  Only the teachers can understand the process that has been followed to get to the end result which is on display.  It’s a time for us to pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge that we have worked hard to get the children to where they are.  It is also proof of the growth and development the children go through over the course of a year.  Well done to the Grade 4’s and well done to their teachers!

BETT Middle East

The BETT Show has spread its wings to the Middle East.  For more information, look here:

Anyone vaguely interested in ICT in Education should attend.  It runs from 21 -22 November 2010, in Abu Dhabi.  I am not connected to BETT in any way, but I was privileged to attend BETT 2010 in London and it was AWESOME!

Creating ‘Comix’!


I’ve just had great fun creating this comic strip with  This creative tool enables you to create your own comic strips which can be used in many different ways in the classroom.  Some ideas are to use it for dialogues or as the introduction to direct speech.  It has endless potential – just start brainstorming the idea and you’ll see!  I think the kids will love this.  Anyone keen to try?

IT Open Days are coming up…

We will soon be holding our annual IT Open Days again, when each child gets to invite a guest (parent or other) to come and have a look at what they have been doing in the IT Centre during the Course of the year.  This will be the third time we will have these Open Days and the first time that we will showcase work done in Windows and MS Office 2007.

These Open Days have proven to be very popular.  The children love showing off their work and the parents are often amazed at what their children are capable of, especially when their own IT skills leave much to be desired.  The Open Days also offer the parents to informal chats with the class teacher whilst enjoying a cup of tea and/or a muffin. 

The format of the Open Day sessions is as follows:

Each grade (4, 5 or 6) is allocated a day and each class is divided into two groups.  Each group gets to spend half an hour in the IT Centre.  I give a short welcoming speech (sometimes the principal does too, if he is available), and then the children get a chance to show off their work.  They have all chosen their best examples and saved them into a special Open Day folder.  They also get a chance to test their guest’s typing skills by making them type a few lines with our Rapid Typing programme – this usually results in much laughter, especially when it’s the dads’ turn to try their hand at typing!

After three days of Open Day sessions I am usually totally exhausted, but extremely satisfied with the outcome.  I trust that this year will be no different!

A Rope of Hope!

Today is Bandana Day and the Sunflower Fund has a special place in the heart of our school.  A number of years ago one of our founders had leukemia and through her struggle to find a bone marrow donor, (which she eventually did, thank goodness), she came to work closely with the Sunflower Fund.

Today, the children who had bought new or current bandanas, could wear civvies to school – with their bandanas of course!  These bandanas were then tied together in a ‘Rope of Hope’ and strung along the outer fence of our school, from our Preparatory campus to our Senior Primary campus and back!  These bandanas will eventually be sewn together into quilts which will then be distributed to various organisations working with children!

Looking at WallWisher

Above is a WallWisher I recently made with a group of Grade 4’s.  I have been playing with this great Web 2.0 tool for a different approach to lessons in the classroom:

WallWisher is an online noticeboard maker where a group of people can easily communicate with each other by sticking virtual notes.

It’s fun and simple to use and lends itself to use in many innovative ways.  Visit this blog for super ideas on how to use this in your classroom: