The Science Expos

A week ago we held the Science Expos for each of the grades (4 – 6). The children could choose whether to work on their own or work in groups and then they had to present a Science experiment according to a well-defined set of instructions. Well, our children jumped to the task and presented exhibits of a very high standard, to say the least! Outside judges marked each child or group’s exhibit according to a strict set of criteria and Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were chosen in each class. These winners were awarded a certificate, and in the case of the Gold winners, a book prize too. It was amazing to see how much thought and effort had gone into each of the exhibits. Well done to all the children on a sterling effort, and a special word of congratulations to the prize winners for a job well done!

See the photos below:


About Karen Stadler

A teacher with 28-odd years' experience, who is passionate about ICT and all things technological! I am very interested in global classrooms, blogging, iPads and ICT integration. Always looking for new ideas, I am a lifelong learner!

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