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Fun Word Cloud generator

Created with Wordlings: – a word cloud of my recent tweets on Twitter. Cool!


Out with the old… and in with the new!

Today we finished installing and setting up our new ICT lab computers.  The pupils have known for a while now that this is on the cards, but we are having our Easter holiday at the moment, so they will only see the new lab in the new term.  I can’t wait to see their reactions!  I took my son to a birthday party last Saturday and at the party two of our Grade 4 kids quizzed me about the new computers… “What type of processor does it have?”, “How big is the hard drive?”, “How many Gigs of RAM?” “Will they have flat screens?” – you’ve just got to love the enthusiasm!  Just shows you, our children are growing up in a technological world.  These things are important to them and they NEED to know the details.  How can we deny them this information?  They are hungry for knowledge and they have a passion burning in them that is undeniable.  And it’s not only the boys – the girls are just as enthusiastic.  Exciting times!