The Spin-offs from a conference…

Since attending the inaugural EdTechConf two weeks ago, there have been a few spin-offs worth mentioning (well, some I can’t mention yet – some exciting things in the pipeline.  Watch this space!) 

Firstly, as a direct result of my having attended Tim Keller’s talk on Smart Cyber-Parenting on the Thursday evening, we have managed to secure his services to give the same talk at our school on Tuesday evening, 7 June.  This is such a worthwhile talk and should not be missed by any parent with a tween or teen.  In fact, when I told my daughter who had attended the first talk with me, she asked if she could go again, because she found it so interesting! 

Then, yesterday I got a call from Mathew Phillips at Sun Valley Primary.  He had seen my presentation on ICT integration at the conference and he asked if he could come and spend time with me in our lab, to see exactly how it all works.  So today I had a visitor!  Mathew spent time talking to me and looking around our lab while some lessons were in progress, and then I took him across to our High School where he was given a tour of the ICT Centre and Library as well as our Data Centre.  We also stopped in at the Junior School to show him our Junior School lab.  Mathew was suitably impressed and went home with a lot to think about and mull over.

Lastly, I needed some input about uploading videos into a wiki I am working on, so who did I call on?  Fiona Beal, of course!  Fiona works at Fish Hoek Primary School and, although we have met on a few occasions before, we reconnected at the EdTechConf.  I sent her an email with my query and in the blink of an eye I had an offer of help in the form of a blog post – see here:

Now that’s the power of conference networking and a great PLN.  We are in this together – why not pool resources and share ideas?  Our students can only benefit from it.


About Karen Stadler

A teacher with 28-odd years' experience, who is passionate about ICT and all things technological! I am very interested in global classrooms, blogging, iPads and ICT integration. Always looking for new ideas, I am a lifelong learner!

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