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Old But Still Applicable

I found this over on and felt I had to share. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in looking for new ideas, that we forget there are some really good “old” ideas out there!

Go to for more amazng ideas!


The Global Classroom Memento Scrapbook

(In the background is Gerry the Giraffe. He is a work in progress, being created from cooldrink cans)

Elkanah House had a special visitor last week – the Global Classroom Memento Scrapbook. This scrapbook book is on a journey around the world, visiting classes and schools. Each school that it visits on its journey is asked to contribute to the scrapbook in some way and both Mrs Oosthuizen and Mrs Stadler created pages showing global connections made over the past year. The scrapbook, which is the brainchild of Michael Graffin, a teacher (and co-founder of the Global Classroom Project) from Perth in Australia, has visited Bucharest in Romania, Blackpool in England, Elkanah House in Cape Town. It is now on its way back to Perth where it will be showcased at the Australian Computers in Education Conference (ACEC2012) in October. After that it will continue on its journey around the world!

Here are the pages we created:

We are so proud to have taken part and contributed to this wonderful scrapbook.

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