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An Uplifting Skype Moment

I just experience am most amazing, uplifting experience and I have to share.

I was sitting at my desk when a Skype call came through from Govinda Prasad Panthy, a teacher I have connected with from Bhakatapur, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has just improved his internet connection with the help of Steve Sherman, a Cape Town based Maths expert, so he wanted to test it. What a wonderful opportunity! We chatted for a few minutes and then he brought in a small group of Grade 5 pupils who all asked me questions. They were wonderful.

While this was happening, Sweetness, one of our cleaning ladies, was cleaning my office. Govinda asked me if there was anyone else the children could speak to and so I called Sweetness in to chat too. It was wonderful to see her reaction! How was this possible, to speak to someone so far away? The children on the other hand were amazed too; they wanted to know her name (I gave them her full Xhosa name – that amused them because it is so long), where she was born, whether she was a teacher too and what her job was. They thought Sweetness was beautiful, which she is.

Afterwards, I found a map to show Sweetness where Nepal is. She was totally amazed by the whole experience. I sent a photo that I had taken to her cell phone and I know that she will be showing it to her friends and family today.

The whole experience has left me feeling uplifted and in awe of what technology can do.

Govinda’s SAV School Blog: