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BETT Middle East

The BETT Show has spread its wings to the Middle East.  For more information, look here:

Anyone vaguely interested in ICT in Education should attend.  It runs from 21 -22 November 2010, in Abu Dhabi.  I am not connected to BETT in any way, but I was privileged to attend BETT 2010 in London and it was AWESOME!


Busy, busy – and exciting news!

This is my first attempt at blogging so here goes…

Things have been busy around here!  Many of our classes have been or are going on camp, so I have had a little free time in which to explore some ideas and options for 2010.  

The most exciting thing happened last Thursday – I received news that I had won a competition to attend the BETT exhibition in London in January!!  Yes, an all expenses paid trip to London from 11 – 17 January sponsored by the Independent Education Magazine (ISASA) and UK Trade and Investment!  I am awaiting all the details, but I have already put the wheels in motion for my UK visa.  Boy, what a process – they practically want to know what I have had for breakfast!  Anyway, I will gladly do it as I am so excited to be going to London.  I will apparently be going as a guest of the British Government, so I will be well looked after.  BETT is the largest exhibition for IT in education in the world, so I am honoured.

Obviously, I could not have written such an article if I did not have something wonderful to write about, so I am very grateful to the awesome group of teachers who work with me.  They have worked extremely hard to get IT to where it is at our school and without them I could not have put pen to paper in the first placed.  I am very blessed!