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Having fun with QR codes!

I have just created my first QR code (Quick Response code) with  Here is an explanation of what exactly QR codes are, from the website:

QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern mobile phone. This QR Code will then be converted (called “dequrified”) into a piece of (interactive) text and/or link.
So simple and it works like a charm on my phone.

These codes have endless potential in the classroom – imagine a scavenger hunt with all the clues in QR code format, spread around the school and the students have to scan each code to find out the next clue!  What fun! Of course, it means allowing them to use cell phones, but there are ways and means of doing that – I’ll do a little more investigation.  In the mean time here is my QR code: