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A Very Important Document

When our chilren are enrolled at our school their parents sign an Acceptable Use Policy which covers their children’s use of the schools IT equipment, the internet, email etc. Since this is signed for on their behalf and the wording is aimed at adults, it means absolutely nothing the children who will be using the equipment. So, each year I start off the year with an orientation lesson covering log-in procedures, usernames, passwords, use of the IT Centre and the equipment etc. Then I make them sign a child-friendly version of the AUP their parents have signed. It’s a basic and simpler version (covering my classroom rules), but the children take it seriously and for the Grade 4’s it is a highlight beacuse they get to design and use their own signature for the first time! The AUP is dated and pasted into their ICT books, where we can refer to it during the year if we need to. I tell them that it is a ‘legal’ document which binds them into good behaviour and respect for property which does not belong to them. I have done this for five years now and it seems to work, because we have had no issues and the school’s property is beautifully looked after and in surprisingly good shape after continuous use and high volume in the IT Centre.