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Things are hotting up!

Whew! Just as the term is coming to an end, some interesting events have taken place. Last night  I sat in on the very first Skype session our school has ever had with a class elsewhere in the world.  Our Grade 2’s (my son’s class too), Skyped with Grade 2’s from a school in New Jersey, US.  It was an awesome event and the kids loved it!  As a spin-off from that, the Grade 6 teacher would like to connect with our Grade 6’s!  Then, as a result of my having “advertised” our English stories on Twitter, our Stories wiki has received a number of visits from various parts of the world (96 to date), and a teacher from Adrian, Michigan in the US is keen to connect her Grade 6’s with ours.  How exciting is that?  It seems the second term is going to be eventful to say the least!

On a personal note, I will be attending the EdTech Conference(  here in Cape Town in May and then in July I’m going to Johannesburg to the Intel ICT in the Classroom Conference (  Oh, how I love my job!