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What a busy week!

Good heavens! What a week it is proving to be. On Monday the Grade 6’s had their very first Science Expo. As the parent of a Grade 6 pupil, I was extremely impressed by what I saw – these children went all out to present their experiments and the passion for Science was amazing to see. I was so impressed by the way they presented their projects – so mature and detailed, like little adults. The projects were judged and the winners are still to be announced, but I must say well done to them all!

On Tuesday we had our annual inter-house Athletics day and what a beautiful day it was. Despite the heat the children all participated well and had a fun-filled, albeit exhausting, day!

On Wednesday the Grade 6’s left for their annual three-day camp with their teachers. They all arrived safely and are sure to be having a great time. Can’t wait to hear the stories from my own daughter!

Also on Wednesday, the Grade 4’s had their Science Expo and once again I have to congratulate them all on wonderful projects presented with enthususiam.

Today, Thursday, it is the turn of the Grade 5’s to hold their Science Expo. I went out to have a ‘quick’ look at what was happening, and ended up staying for an hour. These children have really put a huge effort into their projects and their presentations were engaging and informative. I am so proud to be a part of this special school. Well done to teachers and pupils alike. We now await the results with bated breath…

Photos will follow, I promise!