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So Cool!

I’m busy signing up for a global collaboration project (all will be revealed once we are up and running), and found this great tool for creating cool fonts:

I'm going to have some fun with this!


IT Open Days are coming up…

We will soon be holding our annual IT Open Days again, when each child gets to invite a guest (parent or other) to come and have a look at what they have been doing in the IT Centre during the Course of the year.  This will be the third time we will have these Open Days and the first time that we will showcase work done in Windows and MS Office 2007.

These Open Days have proven to be very popular.  The children love showing off their work and the parents are often amazed at what their children are capable of, especially when their own IT skills leave much to be desired.  The Open Days also offer the parents to informal chats with the class teacher whilst enjoying a cup of tea and/or a muffin. 

The format of the Open Day sessions is as follows:

Each grade (4, 5 or 6) is allocated a day and each class is divided into two groups.  Each group gets to spend half an hour in the IT Centre.  I give a short welcoming speech (sometimes the principal does too, if he is available), and then the children get a chance to show off their work.  They have all chosen their best examples and saved them into a special Open Day folder.  They also get a chance to test their guest’s typing skills by making them type a few lines with our Rapid Typing programme – this usually results in much laughter, especially when it’s the dads’ turn to try their hand at typing!

After three days of Open Day sessions I am usually totally exhausted, but extremely satisfied with the outcome.  I trust that this year will be no different!