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A Fun Way to Start the Year!

Gosh, it’s February already and this is my first post of the year! Just testament to how hectic the beginning of an academic year is and how one has to prioritise. I have been meaning to write a new post, but each day something more important cropped up and my blog had to go on the back burner. But, here I am, very happy to be online again – and I wish you all the very best year ever!

One often looks for an ice breaker when meeting a new class for the first time, so I came up with a little quiz for the children to take part in. I called it the IT Centre Quiz and I came up with 20 questions relating to what I had discussed with them in previous lesson (the first lesson of the year – orientation), as well as the displays (posters, information sheets, logging in tips etc.) I have displayed around the IT Centre. This meant that the children had to listen and use ther eyes well – it was in essence a scavenger hunt! I dangled a prize as a carrot – a voucher to spend R10 at the tuck shop, so there was an incentive to do well and look carefully. They had to record their answers on an answer sheet and the prize was awarded to the first child to get full marks or the highest mark in each class.
Strictly, it wan’t an ice breaker, since I used it in my second lesson, but since I had included questions about the first lesson in the Quiz, I had to use it my second lesson. It was, however, a very successful activity, enjoyed by all – and they learnt something in the process!