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Empower yourself!

A wonderful thing happened in our IT Centre today!  One of our teachers,who will remain nameless, and who has labelled herself a “technophobe”, taught an interesting, viby lesson on a potentially boring section of work – Parts of a Plant.  Using a video she herself sourced from YouTube as the introduction to her lesson, she played it using the data projector and brought this lesson to life!  In fact the whole concept of the lesson was hers and I merely supplied assistance and some technical know-how before the time.  The application of the lesson was a Publisher document which had to be completed by the pupils to assess their level of understanding and listening.  Very technological indeed, and what made it more special is that she taught this lesson for our principal, who has been moving from class to class observing lessons.

The secret to her success?  Recently this young lady bought herself a laptop – the first one she has personally owned.  Since then she has taken off and is now flying!  She has totally empowered herself and has probably learnt more since taking ownership of her new laptop, than from her day to day work on her classroom computer.  From school work to social networking to designing party invitations, this new acquisition has opened a new world for her and the proverbial “bug” has bitten!  Kudos to you, my friend – may you spend many happy hours creating more stunning lessons on your new baby – this is only the beginning!

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What a busy week!

Good heavens! What a week it is proving to be. On Monday the Grade 6’s had their very first Science Expo. As the parent of a Grade 6 pupil, I was extremely impressed by what I saw – these children went all out to present their experiments and the passion for Science was amazing to see. I was so impressed by the way they presented their projects – so mature and detailed, like little adults. The projects were judged and the winners are still to be announced, but I must say well done to them all!

On Tuesday we had our annual inter-house Athletics day and what a beautiful day it was. Despite the heat the children all participated well and had a fun-filled, albeit exhausting, day!

On Wednesday the Grade 6’s left for their annual three-day camp with their teachers. They all arrived safely and are sure to be having a great time. Can’t wait to hear the stories from my own daughter!

Also on Wednesday, the Grade 4’s had their Science Expo and once again I have to congratulate them all on wonderful projects presented with enthususiam.

Today, Thursday, it is the turn of the Grade 5’s to hold their Science Expo. I went out to have a ‘quick’ look at what was happening, and ended up staying for an hour. These children have really put a huge effort into their projects and their presentations were engaging and informative. I am so proud to be a part of this special school. Well done to teachers and pupils alike. We now await the results with bated breath…

Photos will follow, I promise!