World Cup 2010

The World Cup has come and gone, but it has left a lasting legacy on us as South Africans.  We had the time of our lives for that month, a month which will be forever entrenched in our hearts and minds.  It was a month in which we united as a nation as never before, when colour, race, creed or religion played no role in our actions and reactions.  We stood tall together to celebrate “the beautiful game” in a way which only South Africans can – with GEES (spirit)! 

Not a soccer/football fan at all, I was soon converted whilst seeing the world through the eyes of my 7-year old son and my 12-year old daugter – and what a world it was!  Proudly I sang our National anthem and joined the millions of proud supporters who decked their cars with flags and mirror socks.  I danced to the ‘Waka Waka’ and jived to “Wavin’ Flag’, my chest bursting with pride at the beautiful stadiums we had created, despite all misgivings and doubts the world had in our abilities.

I felt it.  I was there.  I miss it. 

Ayoba, Mzanzi, Ayoba!!  I hear “the Sound of a Victory”!

  1. leticia marquez from mi

    Hi teacher! This is a student from the teacher you talked to!:) But anyway I saw what you wrote and that was like really cool because when my teacher saw that you wrote about us on your website she like screamed out of joy! I hope very much that you show this to your class because i would like to some of you students and or you!!!:)

    • Hi Leticia, it is lovely to hear from you! I will definitely show this to our Grade 6 students. Unfortunately I am only the IT teacher, so I don’t see them every day, but I will make a plan. Thank you for your message! Mrs S.

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