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2010 crept up on me… and is whizzing by!

I have been away for ever – and so much has happened since my last post.  2010 is more than two months old already and I have not posted a word.  Suffice to say that it has been quite hectic around here…

Firstly, we retired our Linux server, with Open Office, and moved over  to Windows XP running from the local machines with Office 2007.  The change was made, essentially, to fit in with our ‘whole school’ approach, so that all our pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 12 all learn and work on the same system, using one set of credentials given to them when they start at our school.  It was also done to create a seamless approach when working from home to school, especially for our staff members who sometimes found it difficult to work with two different systems.  I must say that the change-over has been a painless one, and we are truly enjoying ourselves in the Microsoft environment.  The children have made the transition without any hiccups!

Then, one of the reasons that time has flown for me, is that I went to London to attend BETT 2010, as my prize for the article I wrote for the Independent Education magazine competition.  My year started off with a ‘BANG’, and I hit the deck running from the time I arrived home!  Be that as it may, I have wonderful memories of a short, but very sweet visit to London – freezing, cold weather and all.  See the ‘BETT – what is it all about?’ page in my blog for more details and photos!  An article on my trip will appear in the next edition (Autumn) of the Independent Education magazine.


ICT integration continues to go from strength to strength at the Senior Primary, with interesting and innovative lessons taking place.   A recent highlight was the a Grade 5 lesson in which the pupils had to create a summary of a piece of information on Soil Erosion in mind map form, using the programme ‘Inspiration 7’.  The children loved the user-friendly programme and produced some great work.  We invited our new principal to come and take a look, because he is passionate about study skills and mind mapping in particular, and this is what he had to say: “I was blown away when I saw the children integrating mind-mapping, computer work and the topic of soil all packaged into one – how powerful!!!! Well done!!”


I spent some time this morning investigating websites recommended by a wonderful lady, Naomi Harm, who was a presenter at the Intel ICT in the Classroom Conference in Durban in September last year.  She is from Minnesota in the USA and is an absolute treasure!  Naomi is an Educational Technology Consultant and E-Learning Specialist and a National Senior Trainer with Intel.  I had the privilege of meeting her at the conference and attended two of her talks.  I found her so inspiring and encouraging that I began to follow her on Twitter (  Almost daily, she posts links to recommended websites, which are usually exciting and relevant to 21st Century Education.  Naomi also has a blog: – it makes for interesting reading!

 ICT is my passion – and I LOVE my job!