I am a teacher of 25-odd years and I am passionate about the use of technology in the classroom. I love social media and use it extensively to connect with educators around the globe. Why don’t you join me?

Find out more about me here: https://about.me/karen_stadler 


  1. New technology to help parents with Cyberbullying and Cellphone Abuse.

    I would like to introduce you to http://www.mymobilewatchdog.co.za, a parental control application for parents to monitor and guide their children’s cellphone behaviour.

    We realised that there was a drastic need for this type of application as modern smartphones are effectively laptops that can make calls. Our networks in this country provide rudimentary adult content controls but are incapable of protecting our children against peer-to-peer cyberbullying, sexting and online grooming.

    Please visit our website and blog and feel free to contact me on any of my details above if you have any further questions.

  2. Hello great Blog joining you soon !

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