Monthly Archives: April 2012

Grade 6 Story Book Project

Our Grade 6s are once again hard at work writing their story books for our Grade 3s.

Here they are working collaboratively in Google Docs and using Google to search for appropriate images. They have been taught to cite the sources of their pictures, in order to give credit to the owners of the pictures.

The next step will be to import the stories into PowerPoint and then to save the stories as PDFs for uploading to

When they are done, we will share them with our Grade 3s and the world!


A friendly alternative to Wordle

I recently had a nasty experience in one of my lessons. The pupils were learning about Word Clouds and I was showing them how Wordle worked. I always use the URL because it takes you directly to the ‘Create’ section of Wordle and steers the students clear of the home page where some of the gallery Wordles are featured – and often they are inappropriate for children to see (your network administrator can also block certain pages). I show the pupils where to type the web address in the browser and then they get going. Unfortunately one little darling inserted an extra letter into the word and was immediately directed to a very inappropriate site. Fortunately I was about a metre away from the child and immediately took action, but we were both shaken by the experience.

Today I came across a very child-friendly Word Cloud creator – . There are other such Word Cloud creators, but this one is especially designed for children from Grade 2 and up. Perfect for our needs and one I will definitely use in the future. In fact, the whole ABCYa! site is filled with interesting educational ICT activities for kids.